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11 Games from your 80s Childhood

The kids are asleep, the house is a bleedin’ mess, there’s toys everywhere, and you’ve just crippled yourself after standing on yet another piece of camouflaged lego. Sigh, you think, it’s far from buckets of Lego we were raised. But it isn’t! Us 30-somethings were raised right smack bang in the middle of Lego, for donkeys’ years. And in fact, if you think about it, your kids are probably mostly playing with the same toys as you were, except now they come in primary colours and “girl“. But looking back to those glorious days, there’s a few items that filled the hours of our childhood that will remain in the annals of history, probably for a good reason. Do you remember any of these?… Continue reading 11 Games from your 80s Childhood