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photo credit: Xelcise via photopin cc

I think I got the best Christmas present ever this year.

In the last couple of days, Pip has started to call me “mama”. I’ve never had a name before now. He knew I was mama and he would point at me if someone asked him where mama was, but he never said it.  It just seems to have clicked with him.

He calls me from the other room. He asks questions that end in “mama” like “who’s ‘at, mama?” (who’s that, mama?) and he ends big long sentences of his little secret language inflected upwards as a question with “mama?” with his gorgeous little innocent voice.

It is the sweetest word I’ve ever heard. My heart swells up and bursts out like a rainbow every time he says it.

I’ve always loved my own name but I love this one even more.

Happy Christmas everyone. xx