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The little emperor has spoken!

le petit prince Photo courtesy of Bit of Whimsy Crotchet on Etsy.com Mind The Baby Blog www.mindthebaby.ie The Little Emperor Has Spoken
le petit prince
Photo courtesy of Bit of Whimsy Crotchet on Etsy.com

We are under imperial rule chez Mind The Baby these days.

The little emperor has drawn up a new constitution and apparently everything is now his.

“MY yaptop”

(yes, you read that right)

“MY phone”

(that too)

“Baby’s book.” “Baby’s spaghetti.” “Baby’s coffee”.

You see where this is going, I’m sure. Continue reading The little emperor has spoken!

Has motherhood stolen my sense of humour?

Humourless photo credit: Melissa Segal via photopin cc
photo credit: Melissa Segal via photopin cc

Have you seen the film The Campaign with Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis? It’s a cynically timed US Republican local election comedy that was released earlier this year.

(Mini-review: a poor imitation of the far superior Talladega Nights that tries too hard and misses. Unless you’re a huge fan who thinks the two boyos can do no wrong, I’d give it a miss.)

Anyway, to my point, there’s a big slapstick scene in it where the two candidates get into a fist fight at an election rally and Will Ferrell’s character ends up punching a baby in the face.

He punched a baby in the face.

What’s funny there? Is that funny? Am I missing something?

I could picture this getting huge laughs in the cinema with me sitting in the middle of it with my arms folded and scowling.

It is not the first time of late I have found myself greeting a punchline or anecdote with a stony face when other people are laughing. Sometimes I even get annoyed with the laughing and have often barked “that’s not funny” to nip this inappropriate merriment in the bud. And I really do think it’s not funny rather than me thinking it is funny but I shouldn’t think it now that I’m a terribly responsible mother.

The funny thing is I think I’ve a great sense of humour. (Am I deluded?) Smutty jokes in particular go down a storm with me and I have been known to tell quite the cheek-burning joke at the best of times.

I squarely put this new-found humourlessness at the feet of motherhood.  My reasoning is it seems to coincide with a ridiculously over the top empathy that I have developed at the same time.  I don’t mean a generous dose of emotional intelligence which is always a great thing. I’m talking about silly things like getting really emotional watching the news when the human interest stories are on or trying to throw my arms around people (metaphorically of course, I’m not a total nut job) when I hear sad stories about them or even, get this, at my office Christmas party last week, I started to feel super sorry to the point of upset for a colleague – a married, middle aged father of three teenagers who no more needs my sympathy – who was sitting by himself with no one talking to him.

There is a scene in an episode of the animated TV series Family Guy where Brian the dog has just discovered that he is a father and he’s in a bar with Peter and his friends watching some tragedy unfold on the news. Brian starts freaking out and saying he doesn’t know what he’d do if that was his son and how he just can’t bear to think about it and you just don’t understand until you become a parent etc ad nauseum to the point where one of the other characters turns around and says “Peter, your dog is giving me diabetes”.

It turns out that I am that dog. I give people diabetes.

I annoy myself.