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How to not completely lose your sh!t

Mindfulness got a bit of a kicking in my post about whining last month. Poor mindfulness! It really didn’t deserve that – and I apologise. Sorry mindfulness!

It was only because, in the heat of the moment – when I thought I was going to completely lose my parenting shit – I realised that my mindfulness practice is the only thing keeping me from doing exactly that. It’s like a little light bulb appearing above my head there. Continue reading How to not completely lose your sh!t

Jesus, the whining

Whining. Seriously.

It is never ending.

I am no longer surprised by the most ridiculous, perfectly normal, non-irritating things that can elicit a whine. The other day, there was ten minutes of whining because I accidentally put his underwear in the laundry basket when he wanted to do it himself. That example right there goes to show you that this is the most bullshitty behaviour ever. “I wanted to do my own dirty laundry“. Seriously like. Said nobody ever. Continue reading Jesus, the whining