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When your kids need more than you can give

I’m hosting a guest post today for a super strong mother having a hard time who needs to get something off her chest. I think it’s something a lot of readers can relate to…

I’ve had this title running around in my head for weeks now, but haven’t really got any further than that.

My therapy is usually writing it all out, getting the problems down, hitting publish and then getting on with life. It’s cathartic to work out how you are truly feeling as the words appear on the page – unravelling that big ball of messy wool as you type, and then getting support back from friends you know and strangers you don’t. I’ve been doing it for years now and it’s never let me down.  Continue reading When your kids need more than you can give

Sexism of Olympic Proportion

Social media and the 24 hour news cycle has given us a whole new perspective and insight into the Olympics than we haven’t been exposed to up tot his point.

Apart from the incredible athletic achievements, we’ve also seen some pretty scandalous goings on, both in and out of competition. But one of the elements that’s come into sharp focus is sexism in coverage of this year’s Games. Continue reading Sexism of Olympic Proportion

A better person

My baby was 5 recently.

A whole half a decade.

The time has flown by but of course, like every parent, I can barely remember what life was like without him.

I look at him now – so tall, so grown up, so articulate, so funny, so capable of pushing my buttons at a moment’s notice – and realise how enriched my life has become since he came into it. Continue reading A better person