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10 TV shows to watch when breastfeeding a newborn

One thing that nearly all new breastfeeding mothers underestimate is how much time they actually spend sitting under their baby feeding, feeding, feeding in those first couple of months. Some days, particularly during a growth spurt, you could find yourself on the couch literally all day, with one feed rolling into another.

It’s on days like this that TV is your friend. Not just any TV though. Put your Jeremy Kyles and your Loose Women away. You need to get your hands on some seriously addictive TV. You’ll often read well-meaning advice that suggests perhaps you should avoid watching television altogether and instead use these opportunities to make consistent eye contact with your baby for bonding. And while this is true – and please do find me a mother who doesn’t spend most of her time staring adoringly at her newborn – there are also times when she needs to be relaxed, chilled out and entertained while her baba is dozing at the boob or deeply concentrating on what they’re doing. Continue reading 10 TV shows to watch when breastfeeding a newborn