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Children first, always

Mind the Baby, mindthebaby.ie, Children First, Always
Two-year-old Iancu Muntean Jnr with his mum, Loredaiva, outside their home in Athlone. Photo courtesy of independent.ie

I don’t know what happened because I don’t have all of the information. Sure I know what I read in the papers and I’ve read all the online comments but the only people who really know what happened are the Gardai. Even the families don’t really know what happened because they were only there for the bit when their child was taken away, by the authorities. They weren’t involved in receiving the information about stolen blonde children; the discussions and decisions that led to the turn of events; what happened in the police cars on the way to the station or where the small children spent their nights away from their families. What did the police say to soothe the children in the cars, I wonder? Did they try to sing them a song or talk about Mickey Mouse or something? Continue reading Children first, always