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What’s wrong with this picture?

World Breastfeeding Week 013 www.mindthebaby.ie Mind The Baby Blog BlogMarch

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2013! How are you finding it so far? Have you seen much promotion for it and read something new that will help you on your breastfeeding journey? I hope so, because there’s so much wonderful advice out there if you’re looking for help or trying to gather information. At the end of this post, you’ll find a selection of blogposts I’ve written myself about my own breastfeeding journey with my son. It was a wonderful 14 months and I look back on it fondly but it wasn’t without its bumps in the road and dark, long nights which we all have as parents, no matter how we choose to feed our babies. Continue reading What’s wrong with this picture?

Making time for me to become a better mother

Seapoint Dublin. Making time for me to be a better mother. www.mindthebaby.ie Photography courtesy of Brian Flanagan Mind The Baby Blog
Seapoint, Co Dublin.
Photography courtesy of Brian Flanagan

Rounding the Martello Tower and down the slipway, we run. The only sound is the rhythmical pounding of footsteps on the concrete at the water’s edge as Dublin Bay spreads out in front of us, silent on this early Saturday morning and awash with light from the rising sun. Enthusiastic bathers are wading in soundlessly as we slip by, the only others crossing our paths are your older garden variety of South Dubliner, early risers by nature now that their aging bones dictate their waking hours. They too preserve the silence, instead nodding or gesturing warmly as we all agree wordlessly what a beautiful day it is. Howth is as clear as bell in the distance as the heat of the unusually warm summer sun burns off the haze to reveal the Head in all its wild glory. Continue reading Making time for me to become a better mother

Parallel play – it’s not just the toddlers!

Parallel Play It's not just for toddlers www.mindthebaby.ie Mind The Baby Blog
Photo courtesy of www.northernhealth.ca

Fresh from a busy weekend of meeting, playing and coffee drinking*, I had a “Carrie” moment when I realised parallel play is not just for toddlers, it happens to mammies and daddies too (or mommies if it was a real Carrie moment).

Blogpost: Parallel Play, It's not just for toddlers Mind The Baby Blog www.mindthebaby.ie
Personally, I’d wear a bra with this but you get the idea

I had the pleasure of meeting up with not one, not two, but seven of my lovely friends at different stages over the weekend. We all had kids in tow, we all played and we all drank coffee but mostly we just did it alongside each other rather than “together”. Sentences were started but not finished. Questions were asked but went unanswered. And on at least three occasions, I sprang to my feet and darted across a padded floor stroke playground mid-conversation to either split up a toddler fight or scoop up a little boy who had fallen/was pushed/realised I’d dared to move my eyes away from him for five seconds. If I’m honest, I had to do this waaaay more often than my friends but sure that’s just the way my little man rolls.

I suppose this is just the way it’ll be for the next few years and I’m happy to take the learning that if I want to have a chat, I need to schedule my catch up times after 8pm and preferably with wine. All other get togethers will be strictly side-by-side play – not together play – with lots of shouting and running around. Bring it on!

*It’s a hard life I know. I also ran my first ever 5k so I think I deserved the rest of the easy weekend and Daddy deserved a lie in 🙂

Why is treating tongue tie in breastfed babies an underground movement in Ireland?

It is not news to anyone I’m sure that Ireland has the lowest breastfeeding rates in Europe. Public health campaigns and two active Government policies to improve rates in recent years have failed to have any impact at all. A slight increase has been attributed directly to the increase of foreign nationals in the country and the fact that our population of older mothers is growing. Research indicates that older mothers are more likely to breastfeed their children. Continue reading Why is treating tongue tie in breastfed babies an underground movement in Ireland?