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2013, What A Year!

2013 has been a fantastic year for

I have enjoyed blogging so much this year. It has been a year of “more” for me. The blog has opened up doors to new friends, faces and ideas. I’ve learned so much and written so much. Looking back on all my posts during the year, it’s such a shock to see how much has happened in the last twelve months and also how quickly we forget things or our mind distorts time. I spotted a post I wrote in April that I was convinced I’d written in the middle of last year!

I’ve been looking back over the topics I written about, who liked what and how they found me. I discovered that I have two posts that are by far and away the most read and continue to bring regular traffic to the site:

“Does placenta taste like chicken? And five other things to do with your placenta in Ireland”


“Why is treating tongue-tie in breastfed babies an underground movement in Ireland?“

The gas thing is I have neither eaten my own placenta or had an issue with tongue-tie! Turns out they’re two topics that people are really interested in. Eating placentas in particular. How do I know? Because, again by a New York mile, the most used search term that directed people here was “what does placenta taste like?”. When I say “most used” I mean, an awful lot. Like at least five times a day. People really want to know what placenta tastes like. It’s a pity, because I don’t know.

Another thing driving people to my placenta post is Pinterest. This stunning beautiful picture here – “The Tree of Life” by Laura Zollar – has been repinned 136 times since I posted it in April.

Now, that mightn’t sound like a lot to you but to me and my 39 followers, and the fact that the next most repinned pin has done the rounds 11 times, 136 is pretty amazing to me. But as one Pinterest commenter said:

“OMG…WTF is up with the description compared to the picture? LOL!”

Just to be different, while everyone was taking some downtime, I had my busiest month on the blog in August with nearly 9,000 visitors! I still can’t get over it!

It was a topical month though, and World Breastfeeding Week, Aja Teehan’s High Court case and in particular my post about female journalists writing about Aja’s case drew a lot of traffic that wouldn’t normally be in these here parts.

My busiest day on the blog ever, not just in 2013, was just last month when I published 9 utterly useless baby products I wasted my money on. I don’t know what constitutes a viral post but that day was as virally as I get 🙂 A lot of people read it. Chuffed.

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