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Changing Bag Porn!

Myself and Mr Mind the Baby did some serious eye-rolling at changing bags before the little man was born. We both expressed dismay that changing bags were a) so expensive and b) so feminine because, you know, men have children and change nappies too, you know.

Clearly with little else to be worryin about, we felt so strongly about these points that we went out of our way to buy a €20 plain black changing bag from Argos – that looked quite like a vinyl record bag actually – just to prove our point.

It didn’t fit on our buggy.

Then the strap broke in the first two weeks.

It was completely unsuitable for our my needs.

Because let’s be honest, when one person is on maternity leave, they’re spending an awful lot more time with the changing bag than anyone else and the handbag gets dumped really, so it’s a multifunctional accessory.

My sister-in-law had a gorgeous one that was also ridiculously practical, so I copied her. It was an eye-watering €120 but it was worth every penny in the end because we got a good 2.5 years out of it. A good changing bag is worth its weight in gold. If you can find one that appeals to your inner style king/queen, all the better because you’re addressing two needs in one.

Which leads me very nicely on to some changing bags that you’re unlikely to have since before. French company Beaba, who you might be more familiar with as the makers of BabyCook, were in touch with me recently. They sent me a selection of their travel bags and didn’t ask me to review them. Honestly, they didn’t. But I couldn’t not review them because it would actually be cruel to you to not give you the chance to check them out. I saw them and thought, “holy God, where were you guys when I was on maternity leave?”. They are practical, they are stylish, they’re in gorgeous elegant colours that’ll still keep a male palette happy. And given their size and quality, they’ve excellent price points.

Let’s take a look at some changing bag porn!

I’ve four Beaba brand bags to show you and one Red Castle bag. Red Castle is another brand from the same stable. All of the Beaba bags come with a number of standard features including a detachable soother pouch, a changing mat, a parents space for your stuff, a dirty/wet linen bag, buggy straps and an isothermal pouch or compartment to keep food or milk warm.

First up, is the Vienna (€62.90) which has the look of a midi sling bag. It’s lovely and slim but still holds loads.

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