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Mamas & Papas – Baby Brand

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If you’re a parent of a little one, chances are you’ve heard of Mamas & Papas, a UK-based baby brand known for its classy baby accessories and goods. The brand launched in 1981 with a dedication to style and modernity for babies, parents, and toddlers.  Read on for more information about Mamas & Papas and if their products are worth the investment.  Who Owns the Mamas & Papas Brand? David and Luisa Scacchetti launched the brand to implement Italian style into the UK baby-gear market.  In 2011, Mamas & Papas was the most widely loved baby and nursery brand in the UK. However, in 2014, they implemented cost-cutting strategies and were bought out by BlueGem Capital Partners.  BlueGem owns UK brands Liberty and Iconic London in addition to Mamas & Papas. What...