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Challenges That Every Working Breastfeeding Mom Faces!

Breastfeeding might look easy or average to people. But, only do the mothers know how does it feel to feed their breastmilk to their toddlers. There is a lot to experience, be it experiencing sore nipples or going through a ride of a roller coaster of emotions!
Most health experts suggest mothers breastfeed at least until the newborn is up to six months old. But, working mothers would have to give up breastfeeding even before that period. What is stopping them from doing so? What could be the challenges that they face? Let us look at them one by one!

❖ Lack of time

Not every industry and profession is the same, and so does the procedure for maternity leave provided by them. Sometimes, mothers have to return to their work desk and start working right after the baby completes two or three months. In such situations, how could a mother make time for her baby?
Well, we have some suggestions too!
You can talk to your head and make them understand about the same. Also, make sure you are familiar with your pumping equipment, manual or electrical? Single or dual pump? Everything is about the same!

Lack of time

❖ Working in an unsupportive firm or a male-dominated firm

Even after so many years of introducing every facility at our fingertips, many firms have taken many initiatives to treat working mothers. It is undoubtedly vital to surround yourself with a good bunch of people who always lend moral support to you. This is needed, especially at this time. A male-dominated company is itself the most significant challenge that a new mom faces. Our suggestion could be to speak out! Voice out your struggles, opinions, and views because sometimes all you need to do is understand things, and it does not matter how you do!


❖ Lack of nursing room facilities for breastfeeding

Not all companies would have installed breastfeeding nursing rooms and provided facilities to their employees. This is one of the most prevalent challenging things that a new mom faces. Also, many mothers rely upon toilets and washrooms to breastfeed their kids, which is not a good sign, though. Well, what you could do is, customise your nursing home on your own! Yes, you can do that by using some innovative ideas and improvise the same. Did you know that a mother breastfed her two kids of six months by creating her desk using an umbrella!


❖ Colleagues who do not know about this!

New moms who tend to breastfeed in the office are often seen with weird looks by their colleagues, as they assume that the lady is taking more breaks often. This is often led to misunderstandings and creates tension between colleagues. Our suggestion could be to let them know what is making you take breaks more often. Yes, you could do that! If a colleague just finished her maternity leave, show some love and care to her, and look how the office environment is created!

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